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Steve is certified as an instructor in Jun Fan Gung-Fu/Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Kali under Dan Inosanto, Larry Hartsell, Rick Faye, Bob Breen, and Terry Barnett. He has also cross-trained extensively in Wing Chun, Pentjak Silat, Muay Thai, and Savate, as well as a variety of grappling arts. He is also a strength, conditioning and movement coach, having certified as a Level II trainer in both kettlebell training and bodyweight exercise under Coach Steve Maxwell, and as a Primal Move Trainer.

An academic researcher in his day job, Steve trains clients on a private and semi-private basis by arrangement  at his home in Hertfordshire, and in Bromley by Bow, east London. Clients range from people who simply want to learn basic self-protection, actors who wish to broaden their repertoire of skills, both complete martial art beginners and experienced martial artists who want to develop their skill-set further, as well as military and police personnel requiring training in armed and unarmed combatives, defensive tactics, restraint methods, and tactical strength and fitness training (including preparation for Special Forces selection). He has also taught martial arts seminars around Great Britain, and in Italy and Hungary.

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I have trained with Steve at the Inosanto Academy under both Guro Dan Inosanto and Sifu Larry Hartsell. I have also trained with Steve at the Bob Breen Academy in London. Steve is incredibly knowledgeable in the Martial Arts and Kettlebells. More importantly, Steve is an excellent instructor. Steve has a love for what he does and a great respect for his training partners and students. I recommend Steve, without reservation, to anyone looking for martial arts and kettlebell instruction. Tim Becherer,  Editor at Video Editor Freelance.


I’ve attended and hosted martial arts and self-defense seminars for over twenty years now, and Steve’s seminars and workshops are one of the best of them. I’m glad I had a chance to host him for several JKD – Kali seminars in Hungary. He is a great teacher with deep knowledge in the Martial Arts. He teaches in a very pedagogical, exciting and entertaining way, with a sense of humour. Highly recommended to anyone looking for martial arts instruction. Zoltan Juhasz, Director at Hungarian Wing Chun Federation.

Steve is an excellent instructor, very good at tailoring training to your needs and working at the pace that suits you, while motivating you to do better. He has an extremely wide knowledge of his subject that brings much more than most martial arts instructors focussed on just one discipline. And he is a pleasure to work with! Sean Cronin-Nowakowski, Departmental Senior Manager, KPMG.

Steve is an excellent trainer with a skillset (and the creativity to use it) that means you never have the chance to get bored – you’re too busy trying to breathe! He introduced and schooled me in the way of the kettlebell (now my conditioning tool of choice), and is more than partly responsible for my new half-the-man-I-used-to-be look – and aside from that is one of the nicest blokes you could meet. Colin Bradley, Consultant (Derivatives Technology) at Daiwa Securities.
Winston Fraser.
Winston is a former European Thai boxing Champion and a trainer to many aspiring champion fighters. He’s also an academy JKD black belt and long time senior student. A formidable Thai boxer and superb coach he’s fun to train with in challenging classes